Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Funny Mystery Solved!

I know, this is a diversion from my normal photo posts, but it was way too funny to pass up!

On the way home from work today, my dad and brother were conspiring. Dad was going to take me out, and Matthew (my brother) was going to take my mom out. Since I usually don't care for Mexican food, Dad figured it would be safe to have Matthew and Mom go to a Mexican restaurant (they wanted to take us to different restaurants). While driving out of our neighborhood Dad asked me what I was in the mood for... and guess what? I wanted to go to Mamacita's, a local Mexican restaurant! (Of all places, I know.)

So, Dad and I enjoyed a DELICIOUS dinner, and then all of a sudden, our server walks by with a slice of cheesecake. We were planning on ordering some but we hadn't yet, so we pretty much ignored him, until he walked UP with it and said (quite playfully) "A beautiful lady bought this for you..." and puts the cheesecake down between us. "What is he talking about?" I wondered. "Maybe the manager was a lady and really liked us for some reason.....? Mom and Matthew can't possibly...." and then I looked over, and there they were, waving at us!!! We had a great laugh and kept laughing for a good while. Apparently our server had blocked our view when they came into the restaurant.

Just thought you all would enjoy that laugh as much as we did! Now, how to pay them back... :)

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