Monday, November 21, 2011

CollegePlus! vs Vision Forum - THE Football Game of the Year!

Dave, Caleb and Brandon.

The thinker.

Wife and baby cheering Daddy on!

John making a run for it.

The paparazzi at work.

Game is getting a little slow for Emma...

Mrs. Kraemer being a cheerleader.

The videographer, Kiefer.

The ball carrier, Christopher.

Abigail being adorable.

Brooke and Abigail

Woody and Joshua.

VF was gaining on us at this point...

The coach, Luke.

Cheering them on!

Brandon and Joël.

I think we scored a point or something...

Team photo

I don't think coach Macias smiled until we won... :)

P.S. We won!!! 22 - 20!

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