Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Thoughts - From Yesterday...

This has nothing to do with photography. I am just thinking. I want the world to know my gratefulness to Him who holds us in the palm of His hand - and His special care of my brothers today.

I am thinking about the inexpressible blend of emotions I am feeling right now. A strange and unique blend of terror, peace, thankfulness, unbelievable relief, and trying to not think about the "what ifs."

Boston was bombed today. I'm sure you have heard by now. Someone set off explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

A good friend of mine lives in Boston. He was only a few blocks away. A few blocks. Just a few blocks from death or great injury.  He probably felt the explosion. By God's amazing providence, he is okay.

Another good friend of mine was visiting Boston and was offered tickets to be at the end of the race. He decided not to go. Within minutes of great danger. By God's amazing providence, he is okay, too.

By the way, both of these men are former employees of my Dad. By the mercy of God, they are both believers...

The thought of how close they came to injury or death brings me to tears.

By God's perfect providence, some were there, and they are not okay. Three are dead. One was a little 8-year-old boy. Many more are injured. I do not know any by name, but I grieve for them and their families. I pray they will come to know God, and see that behind this frowning providence, somehow, there is a smiling face. I can't see it now, I don't think anyone can, but it is there... we will see it one day. 

Tonight in our Bible reading, this verse particularly stuck out:

~ Psalm 3:3 ~
But you, O Lord, are a shield about me,
    my glory, and the lifter of my head.

Our merciful God was certainly a shield for my brothers today.

Father, thank you for your abundant mercies to Joël and Jeffrey... that my precious brothers in Christ are safe from harm. By this trial, Lord, may we see how You protect each of your children. For me, Your Hand is unmistakable. Your mercies are new every morning, and we saw this to be true today as well as we see it every day.
I pray for those who were involved in the destruction, I pray that many would come to know you through this difficult time.


  1. Outstanding perspective. God is abundantly good.

  2. Thank you, sweet Hannah, for the thoughts above. They are both honoring to our God and truly compassionate toward the sufferers. I too am very thankful that the two whom you know as brothers in the Lord were spared.

    Love you,

    Mrs. C.