Friday, September 27, 2013

A Fun Art Project!

Last week, some of our friends went on a vacation. While they were gone (with their permission), we painted a mural on the wall in their daughter's room. She is turning 8 on Sunday, and this was to be one of her birthday gifts! Here are some pictures of the process.

First, we started by projecting the picture on the wall and tracing it.

First we did the tree, and then the mama and baby horse.
Unfortunately, we did not measure twice and trace once. They were way too small the first time. So, we erased from the wall, flipped the picture, and traced again.
Then, Catrina started painting the tree, and Allie & I started on the horses.

Allie painting mama horse's forelock.
Mom painted the lovely leaves, while Trina fine-tuned the tree.

Trina added in a little ladybug. :)

The finished product!

And, as the finale, here is her AWESOME reaction. :) (We hid our signatures in the grass and the tree branches.)

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