Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Disney Cruise - Days 3 & 4 - At Sea & Falmouth, Jamaica

We had 2 days in a row at sea, so I figured we could skip ahead a bit and get on to Jamaica. :)

So, on our at sea day, we took some more pictures on the aft deck (same as the last post)...

That night, we had a performance by magician/comedian Magic Dave. He was downright HILARIOUS. He actually came up to Dad and performed a card trick for him before the show.

After the show, we were sitting outside the theatre (where all the main shows were) and Pinnochio arrived for pictures. There weren't very many people waiting to see him, and we were sitting right in front of him, so Pinnochio's "handler" asked us if we wanted our picture taken with Pinnochio. So, Dad got up and got his picture with him.

 The person inside the suit was very much into character, and so, just like Pinnochio, he was being very curious about everything around him, including the plug to a nearby Christmas tree. Being the curious sort, Pinnochio was flipping the switch and turning the lights on and off. Dad touched the plug and pretended to be electrocuted, while Pinnochio covered his mouth in surprise! Then, cautiously, Pinnochio touched the plug again, and when nothing happened, he wiped his brow in an expression of relief! It was so funny!

Now, on to Jamaica!

We got into port pretty early... before we disembarked, we walked out onto Deck 4 (below) and took a look at Falmouth, Jamaica.

Grandma wanted to stay on the ship, so the three of us disembarked and explored the port.

Here we are, waving to... Grandma! (below!)

Here's the picture she took of us from the ship. :)
Looking at our  beautiful ship from the port.
The view from the back of the ship.
We had wanted to send a postcard from Jamaica to some friends back home, so we asked for directions to the Post Office. In order to get there, we had to leave the port proper and go into the city by walking through a gate. Let me say that we never made it to the Post Office. The minute we crossed through the gate, it was like stepping onto another planet. The city was very much a third-world place - we had at least 5 people walking next to us and trying to sell us things or "show us something"... to me, it was very scary because I had never experienced anything like that before. Retrospectively, though, those people live a very sad life. If I understand correctly, these people might make $1,000 a year. They live very simply and that port is the livelihood of the island.

So, since we were not going to try and get to the Post Office, we walked back to the port, and on our way back to the ship, there was a man with a cart full of coconuts!

I think we paid $4 and he hacked one open with a knife, stuck a straw in it, and handed it to us. For the first time ever, I tried coconut water, and fresh at that! It was really delicious and refreshing.

After the water was gone, Ian (the coconut man) cut the coconut it half and made a scoop out of the shell, so we could scoop out the fresh coconut meat, which was equally as delicious as the coconut water.

After that, we stopped by a booth where a few men were carving and staining wood pieces. They had some beautiful work on display!

We bought a carved pineapple from one of them, and then re-boarded the ship.

And, to conclude, here are the three things I am thankful for today!

1. All of our Friends!

2. Our Church

3. The Gift of Music - being able to hear it, play it, and enjoy it!

P.S. I hope this post was not too long! :)


  1. My three things:
    1. food
    2. creativity
    3. changes in the seasons

  2. This is so cool and that coconut looks good. We never tried coconut in India. :( What an experience, looks like you all enjoyed your time!