Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Melvin & Nathalie - Maternity

Remember these two?

Well, things have changed a bit. Now, these two have been married about 8 months, Melvin is now a member of the US Air Force, and...


now there are THREE Navarros instead of two! They are expecting a little girl in June! Having had the pleasure of taking their engagement pictures, I now present... their maternity pictures!

And of course, in keeping with tradition, Miss Allie Dean came along as my 
amazing second shooter. :) 

Allie perfectly captured the super-cool ninja moves we photographers perform to get the best picture ever, JUST FOR YOU. Yes. I really did crawl around in the dirt. It was fun. :)

And to finish, Allie's and my cute & comfy converse. #alliterationscore

~ Hannah ~

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