Monday, November 19, 2012

Thankfulness: Part 12

Sorry, I missed another one... so y'all get 20 today. :)

1. Impromptu Sleepovers! [See? I didn't do it on you know where I was. :)]

2. The Astonishing Variety of God's Creation

3. An Amazingly Edifying and Delightful Sabbath Day

4. The Anticipation of a Visit from a Friend Today!

5. Spending the Afternoon Talking on the Porch

6. A New Recipe to Try, After Enjoying it Yesterday (thank you, Allison!)

7. Holiday Traditions
A Scene from It's a Wonderful Life
8. A Loving Dad...
Many moons ago...
A little more recently... about a year ago. (Taken by Kiefer)

9. A Loving Mom
Many moons ago...
Earlier this year.
10. A Loving Brother
Many moons ago..,
A More Current Photo :)
11. Scouring the Internet for Thanksgiving Recipes

12. My VERY FIRST CELLO LESSON! (yes, really)
Which leads me to...

13. The Piano Guys (they inspired me to do the former!)

14. Surprise Visits from Friends

15. Fresh Air in the House

16. Reading Pilgrim's Progress

17. The French Language (I have been studying it - thanks to Rosetta Stone)
Who can tell me what that says? :)
18. The Gift of our Senses... so we can see, smell, touch, taste and hear all the things God has created for us to enjoy!

19. Fuzzy-coated horses
Not my photo
20. Fleece!

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