Friday, January 10, 2014

Our Disney Cruise - Day 7

I just realized I never really finished my cruise series!

Well, the last days were mostly uneventful. This day we were at sea all day on our way back home to Galveston. We spent the day eating ice cream (did I mention there was 24-hour soft-serve?), taking an abbreviated tour of the ship, enjoying some time on the upper decks, and generally sucking every enjoyment out of our last hours on our beloved Wonder.

That evening, a special dinner awaited us. The theme: "See 'Ya Real Soon!". The dessert: flaming baked Alaska! But before dessert, all of the servers, as I mentioned before, paraded their way around the restaurant, bearing flags from all over the world, to the tune of a modernized version of "It's a Small World." They briefly walked into the kitchen to deposit the flags, and then came back out to everyone cheering for their respective server team. (Every table has 2 servers.) Our new friends Savio and Maggie came to our table and hugged all of us or shook hands, and then the dessert was served. For me, that was the first moment of the beginning of the end.

After dinner, all the captain's officers came out to trade pins! My Grandma is quite a fan of Figment (a former character from Epcot), and she was able to trade for 2 Figment pins. :)

Every evening after dinner, there was a special theatrical performance of some kind. For example: Toy Story, the Musical; The Golden Mickeys (a Disney spinoff of the Golden Globes); one night it was the film Planes; and this night, it was called Remember the Magic

We were not allowed to photograph performances, but I sneaked this picture of the beautiful theater.

That night, after the show, for those young and young at heart (including me - smile), all the characters made their final appearance. There were opportunities for pictures with them - and funny thing, the shortest line I was in all week was for the Captain himself!

After about 15 minutes time for pictures, all the characters gathered on the stairwell for a final goodbye.

The next day, we disembarked the ship, so no pictures of that, really.

That's about it! I hope you enjoyed this series. If you ever can take a Disney Cruise, please take the opportunity. It's the trip of a lifetime and you won't regret it. You will make LOTS of memories. :)

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  1. Hi!
    You've snapped some beautiful shots on your cruise. I've seen so much improvement in your photography since our first class with Capture. Keep up the good work!