Friday, December 27, 2013

A Musical Christmas

Well, in my last post, I wrote, "See you next year!" but I'm backing out on that because these pictures are too fun... I just couldn't wait 'til next year to post them :)

Catrina & I served as models for Allison. We dressed up in Avonlea-style outfits and tuned our instruments for a Christmas-y Anne/Diana themed photo shoot! It was quite chilly (that is, if you can call 47 degrees in December chilly!) but we smiled through it all, and the results were wonderful!

I suppose I also forgot to tell all of you that I started playing cello this year! I quit piano lessons when I was seven but after admiring the talent of several musically-inclined friends and The Piano Guys, the desire to learn to make music burst forth... I chose the cello and thanks to a wonderful teacher and encouraging family & friends, I have been making much progress and enjoying it immensely! I thank God for giving me the ability to play and enjoy music!

All photos below are copyright of Allie Dean Photography.

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