Monday, December 2, 2013

Our Disney Cruise - Day 5 - Grand Cayman & Pirate Night!

On this day, we were in Grand Cayman of the Cayman Islands. This was their "seal".

They are very protective of their coral reefs, so we anchored a bit off-shore and boarded "Tenders" to take us from ship to shore...

We booked a bus tour around the island. Notice which side of the road we are on! :)

The scenery was very pretty...

This house has survived over 100 years through hurricanes and all kinds of storms. 
It is known as The Old Homestead.

Yes, Hell is real - it's in the Carribbean. :) This town is known as Hell because of the rock/coral formations. I guess they look like something that belongs in Hell.

This little fellow was very intent on something. Another photographer and I kept waiting for him to pounce but our bus had to leave before he did anything!

Our final stop on the tour was a turtle farm/preservation.

We took a few pictures while waiting for our turn to go inside...

We got to hold baby sea turtles. The ones we held were all around 2 years old.

Grandma seemed a bit nervous, but she held one! :)

These iguanas were all over the place - apparently they do no harm to the turtles or their eggs.

On the way back to the pier, our bus driver stopped by Seven Mile Beach (which seems to be a bit famous) and let us take pictures.

Someone on our bus took this picture for us. 

We then returned to the pier and were tendered back to the ship.

Mom & Dad played a little basketball...

And we "just happened" to run into Mr. and Mrs. Mouse,
who were kind enough to pose for a picture!

Mickey & Minnie are still very much in love. :)

That night, our ship threw a "Pirates IN The Caribbean" dinner and deck party. We dressed up for a pirate-themed dinner...

We safety-pinned the toucan Beanie Baby to Grandma's shirt. :)

So, all of our favorite pals re-appeared in pirate garb, as well as a few new friends, including 
Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, his first mate, and Stitch.

The party finished with a bang - literally. Disney Cruise Line is the only cruise line given permission to shoot fireworks right off of the ship! (the crew was joking that the Carnival ship in the distance was following us just for the fireworks.)

After the deck party, we headed to a buffet of fruit, desserts, an ice cream bar, and massive turkey legs. The pirate head below is a carved watermelon!!!

After partying and munching, we headed downstairs and to bed. :)

P.S. Happy Birthday, Evvie! :)

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